Team Qatar Channel Swim Profiles: Dr. Nasser Al Mohannadi
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Dr. Nasser Al Mohannadi a member of the Team Qatar Channel Swim was born on 13th September 1975. He is a Senoir Advisor at Qatar Petroleum, Adjunt professor at Texas A&M University and a board member of the Qatar Cycling and Triathlon Federation. His educational background includes a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado schools of Mines, USA. He is an avid traveller who has visited 127 countries worldwide. He recently launched a YouTube Series “Discover the World with Prof. Nasser” in cooperation with Qatar Airways. Earlier this year, Dr. Nasser shared his experience in the world of endurance sports through his new book “How to be an Ironman”.

Dr Nasser Al Mohannadi at the IronMan book signing


He and his other six teammates will swim across the Channel popularly known as “La Manche”, on the 21st July 2018. The seven team members are Dr. Faleh Ali, Dr. Mohammed Jaham Al Kuwari, Dr. Jamal Rashid Al Khanji, Dr. Khalid Al Jalham, Prof. Nasser Al Mohannadi, Fahad Al Buenain and Talal Al Emadi.

ProTV the appointed Media Support Services provider and sponsor of the Team Qatar Channel Swim, which will take place on the 21st July, 2018. Dr. Nasser Al Mohannadi provided the following answers to the following questions about the challenge.

Why did you choose this challenge?

“It’s a new challenge. No one from Qatar has ever attempted to swim across the English Channel, and it is considered to be one of the most difficult sports challenges in the world. To be part of the first team from Qatar to make this historic attempt is a great honour. We are a group of professionals; surgeons, doctors and lawyers and the message we would like to send to our community is that nothing is impossible as well as to highlighting the importance of exercise as an integral part of your daily life. We want to make our country proud.”

How do your fellow team members inspire you?

“They Inspire me in everything they do. They are so brave to take on this enormous challenge, although they are busy parents who have challenging jobs. We support each other, and we are all focused on the task.”

You have achieved a lot in the area of sport, despite not being a professional athlete. Could you elaborate on these challenges and your experiences?

“I have managed to participate in many sports challenges. I started with amateur competitions, then I kept on looking for harder challenges that get the best out of myself. I finished a marathon in Norway, and later became one of the first two Qataris to finish a full Ironman race held in South Africa, 2016. That was followed by taking part in “Samla”, where I finished fifth. It was an amazing feeling.”

Dr Nasser Al Mohannadi at a marathon.


“For me, the key to finishing all these challenges was applying what I had learned in my work toward them. A sport challenge is a project.”

May you elaborate further?

“You go through several stages to finish a challenge, as you would a project. First, you have strategy and planning, which allows you to put the idea into a framework. Then, you need to look up the elements you need, in terms of skills and tools. Once you understand the idea and the project very well; you write down your action plan. Finally, the most important stage is the execution, which is to reach your goal. If you don’t have passion and commitment, the project will be left as a paper in a drawer.”

Does sport help you in your career and life?

“Absolutely, Sport has taught me many things. It has taught me how to be positive, how you can build any skill you want through repetition, how I can reach any goal by accumulating the right experience, taught me how to stand up when I fall, how to reach the finish line and achieve goals and how to build a strong mindset to survive any challenges in life. In short, sport has taught me that nothing is impossible, all goals are achievable, you just need a strategy and an action plan, some patience and commitment, a little bit of time, and you will achieve your dreams.”


How do you strke that balance between daily life tasks and exercising?

“My daily life is like a triangle which includes work, social life and sport. Sport gives me positive thinking and energy that help me to survive in my work. The key is to put some limit to your work life, because work never ends. You need to spend quality time with your family and friends, and you need to find time to exercise. I learned this triangle experience from my favourite sport, Triathlon, which includes swimming, cycling and running. It taught me to put things in a triangle shape and give equal time for each angle.”

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