Team Qatar Channel Swim Profiles: Dr. Mohamed Jaham Al Kuwari
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Dr. Mohamed Jaham Al Kuwari was born on 16thAugust 1980. He is currently a General surgeon and Bariatric surgery specialist. he is also the head of Qatar Cycling and Triathlon Federation. He holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and  OB/GYN from the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland.

Dr. Mohamed Jaham Al Kuwari and six other Qatari professional created the Team Qatar Channel Swim and will be swimming across the English channel on the 21st July,2018. They share a passion for endurance sports and are aiming to make history by joining the list of elite swimmers who successfully made it across the busiest waterway in the world during the past 143 years.

The swim across the Channel popularly known as “La Manche”


ProTV the appointed Media Support Services provider and sponsor of the Team Qatar Channel Swim, which will take place on the 21st July, 2018. Fahad Al Buenain provided the following answers to the following questions about the challenge.

Why did you decide to take on this challenge?

“It’s different and no one from Qatar has done it before. I love taking part in competitions that require endurance like marathons, triathlons and ironman races, and this challenge is one of the most difficult to accomplish on earth. When Dr. Faleh talked to me about it, I did not think twice, it was an immediate decision; I will be part of this. We know each other and the team members very well, and we have participated in many past challenges together. Crossing the English Channel is the ultimate test for us, but we are all focused on completing it. We want to inspire everyone in Qatar and show them that nothing is impossible. Such challenges portray the spirit of Qataris to the whole world.”

Would you tell us about the kind of training for a challenge like this one ?

“It’s the toughest swimming challenge on earth, so of course it requires special training. The key was to get used to swimming for long hours in cold water and improve strokes. We started by a training camp in Qatar, then came another training camp in Opatija, Croatia, which was the turning point for us. I had never imagined that at some point I will be able to swim nine kilometers in a day, but I did. Practice makes perfect and when you focus on your target you understand your body more and reach heights that many people would tell you were impossible to reach. Finally, we had a training camp in UK to get used to swimming in the channel.”

How do your teammates inspire you?

“We support and encourage each other, and also learn from each other. All of our team members are busy professional who have family and work responsibilities, but when you see their passion and dedication during training, it gives you more energy and you feel more confident. There are only few days left before we go through the new challenge, and I am sure we will do very well.”

You have a lot of responsibilities; a surgeon and also as the head of Qatar Cycling and Triathlon Federation. How do you strike that balance between your work, family and passion for sports?

“It’s all about organizing your day in the right way and considering sports as a vital part of your life. Waking up early is important to be able to benefit from day and setting aside time for exercising is crucial. You should never consider exercising as a form of leisure, it is vital for your health. Our families are really supportive, they understand how important sport is for us and they see the value of what we are doing, they even push us to keep training.”

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