Team Qatar Channel Swim Profiles: Dr. Faleh Mohamed Hussain Ali
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Dr. Faleh Mohamed Hussain Ali is one of the 7 members of the Team Qatar Channel Swim. He was born on 11th May 1966. He is currently an Administrator in the Ministry of Public Healthcare. He pursued studies in the field of healthcare and medicine. He holds a Bachelor degree in Medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (1993) and a Master of Science in Health Management degree, from the Tanaka Business School, Imperial College London (UK).

ProTV is the appointed Media Support Services provider and sponsor of the Team Qatar Channel Swim, which will take place on the 21st July, 2018. Dr. Faleh Mohamed Hussain Ali provided the following answers to the following questions about the challenge.

You are the founder of the team, when and how did this idea come about?

“I practice sport regularly and I love everything related to the sea. I practice swimming, diving, undersea photography and macro-photography. Last year, I watched a documentary about a TV anchor who swam across the English Channel to raise funds for his community, and it was inspiring.

“I have known the members of Team Qatar Channel Swim for a long time. Since we have been through lots of sport challenges together, I proposed the idea and they were so excited about it.  Thereafter we formed the team and started training, last January. We want to highlight the importance of sports and healthy lifestyle to our community.

“Crossing the English Channel is one of the ultimate challenges a human can undertake. Finishing it, puts one’s name on an elite list of individuals from across the globe and being a member of the first Qatari team to achieve it will be a great honour.”

Dr Faleh Ali



At 52, you will be the oldest member of the team, does this add more responsibility on your shoulders?

We all support each other very well, and we will go through this challenge together. Each member of the team will have an equal responsibility to the team. During the swim, each one of us will have to do his part in a specific manner, otherwise the attempt will be void.

“I’m so honoured, privileged and proud to be amongst the most dedicated adventure loving amateur athletes in the country. Each one of them inspires me in a different way; some with their technical proficiency and others with their pure gut instincts and determination.”

How important is sport in your life?

“It is vital. I never stopped practicing sport since my school days and continued during my university years at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. I used to play competitively for two university volleyball teams and a basketball team, throughout my studies. When I came back to Qatar, I was still able to set aside some time to practice, despite the huge workload. It helped me to stay fit. A strong mind needs a strong body.

“I started my career as a surgeon and have spent about three decades working in different roles in Qatar’s healthcare sector. I have seen it all; a lot of diseases can be prevented just by being active and doing some kind of sport, even walking will help. I hope more and more members of our community will lead healthy lifestyles.”

What is your advice to Qatar’s youth?

“I tell them that our country has invested a lot in building world-class sport infrastructure. They have much more opportunities to go ahead and practice any kind of sport they  like. They have to make exercising an integral part of their lifestyles.

“Never fear failure. Failures are like bricks; it is your choice to either carry them on your back and slow yourself down, or use them to build your stairs up to success.”

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