Qatar will dazzle the world with 48th Artistic Gymnastics Championships: Ali Al Hitmi
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The Organising Committee for the 48th World Artistic Gymnastics Championships Qatar 2018 is putting its best foot forward towards the hosting of a grand and inspiring event in Doha from October 25 to November 3 at the Aspire Dome. The committee’s aim is to provide for an honourable picture of Qatar’s organisational abilities and to make the first such event in the Middle East a roaring success.

Mr. Ali Al Hitmi, the Executive Director of the Organising Committee & the Tournament Manager in a detailed briefing revealed details of the preparations underway, which also confirms that the committee aims to deliver a dazzling event, reflecting the leadership of the country in organising international events and to make this world championship in Doha an opportunity to leave a legacy as hosts in showcasing Qatar to the world.

On the challenge and readiness of hosting the 48th World Artistic Gymnastics Championships Qatar 2018, ” The organisation of the world championship is certainly a challenge for all of us, whether it is the Organising Committee, the Olympic Committee or the Ministry of Culture and Sports. This edition is an honourable demonstration that confirms that Qatar is not only aiming to achieve excellence but is keen to dazzle the world through exceptional hosting at all levels. The tournament is very different from the previous versions because it will witness the participation of 85 countries with an unprecedented number of athletes but we are ready for this challenge and to reach the success level we look forward to.”, stated Mr. Ali Al Hitmi.

“Already the participation is the largest in the history of the competition, and this event is the biggest in the world after Russia, and we know that it will make the eyes of the world move towards us in the next month. We have the responsibility to deliver the event in a special and distinctive way. The existing committee members have a responsibility to reflect the real picture of Qatar. We have a strategy that suits this large number of participation and we are convinced that whoever will participate and whoever will see this tournament over two weeks will find tremendous national capabilities. Across 85 countries, Ambassadors have emphasised Qatar’s potential, so we view the tournament as a unique opportunity to showcase Qatar’s bright image to the world.” stated Mr. Mr. Ali Al Hitmi on the participation of the largest number of competitors and if it is putting any pressure on the Organising Committee.

When asked about the gains from this tournament at different levels, especially ‘in the time of crisis’ he responded, ” Yes, our gains will be great because the event will see the highest level of gymnastics with the largest participation. Therefore, the attention of all participating countries from all over the world will be towards Qatar, at a time when we are subjected to an unjust blockade, and false news is being spread that Qatar suffers but we respond to those lies.

” The world gymnastics will also be an opportunity for participants from 85 countries to see the monuments and places of heritage and to visit different places in Qatar on the sidelines of their participation in the tournament. Besides, many people from abroad will also be attending. We have received requests from many fans.

” The indicators also confirm that the presence will be strong not only from Asian countries but also from Arab countries as the tournament is being held for the first time in the Middle East, and we are expecting a special audience.”

On the length of the championship and the qualifying events since there would be an unprecedented number of participants, he stated, ” We have discussed with the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) about the large numbers of participants in both the categories – boys and girls, and we found it difficult to run the playoffs within two days for boys, and two for girls. We need more time, so it was agreed with the international federation to accommodate this large number early. And, we know that the qualifying time will be somewhat long, but it is consistent with the dates set by FIG.”

” We do not find it that difficult because of the excellent infrastructure in Qatar, especially at Aspire. The possibilities make us confident to organise such events in the best possible way. We haven’t found any obstacles in establishing all these.”, he stated when asked about the main venue, competition area and training venues.

” Gymnasts of all participating will be competing in the teams and individual events in both the boys and girls’ categories and this requires for the provision of training rooms and equipment to compete, and the Organising Committee has worked to meet all requirements as determined by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). The fact, that we will be providing all the needed infrastructure in one place at Aspire Zone is something which is well appreciated. The international federation has praised the existing facilities following their visits, and I do not hide that the International Gymnastics Federation is the one who initiated the idea of the organisation of the Worlds after seeing the giant Aspire, which they described as a pride for all of us.”, he added.

When asked to comment on the co-ordination between the various committees within the Organising Committee Mr. Ali Al Hitmi responded

” The Organising Committee includes Qatari cadres at the highest level with their great experience through previous international sporting events. We have taken advantage of organising this world championship by investing in the human aspect as the main element of Qatar National Vision 2030. We have seen great flexibility in the interaction between the various committees towards the common goal of achieving success.

” There are extensive meetings and this has made us overcome difficulties, if any. We are working in accordance to the timeline set for the championship and accurately, and we will equip the venues by the beginning of October.”

His response to requests from participating countries to set up camps in Doha ahead of the event, ” Yes, we have already received requests from some countries such as China and Brazil, and other countries, seeking to acclimatise and to adapt to the time difference. We have agreed for their early arrivals and we have confirmed our readiness to receive them. They shall be provided all the requirements – place of training, equipment etc.”

On the aspirations of the Qatari champions who will be keen to rub shoulders with world stars under Aspire Dome

” Our goal is to see that one of our gymnast makes it to the finals. That will be an achievement because the tournament will witness the presence of top gymnasts from all over the world.”, he responded

“Our gymnasts will be participating both in the boys’ section (Ahmad Al Dayani and Ahmed Nabil  Mosa) and girls’ competitions (Elkeky Jana). There will be a preparation camp for them and we wish them all the success.” he finalised.

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