Pierre Daniel Completes Epic 475km Run Around Qatar at Katara
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Qatari Resident, Pierre Daniel, completed his 475km run around Qatar in seven days (18-24 February) today, and hopefully making  a successful world record attempt (awaiting ratification) from North to South.

The solo event, “Alone, A Run Around Qatar (#RunAroundQatar)” finished today within Katara, with Pierre Daniel finishing the last kilometre of his 475km effort met by his family, friends and sponsors. Pierre who was running the Challenge, which includes an official world record attempt supported by MBM Transport and with key partners Katara and Aspire, out of his combined love for adventure and the State of Qatar was thrilled to finish.

Over the last seven days Pierre;

  • Has had less than 4.5 hours a sleep at time, with as little as 2 hours most nights.
  • During long stage he was moving for 35 hours without making camp.
  • Has carried a pack weighing as much as 13kg when loaded with water and all his clothing, necessary supplies including tent, sleeping bag and food.
  • Had to source water and food along the way, without assistance from his filming support team from locals, farms, towns and stores.
  • Has burnt an estimated 48,000 calories (Approximately 7,000 a day, almost 3 times the normal recommended amount for a man of his age)
  • Consumed 50-60 liters of water.
  • Done all his own navigation, using solely a compass and maps.  GPS technology was only used for monitoring vitals and tracking to allow the public to following Pierre’s progression live and to record for record and official purposes.

Pierre comments: ‘The last seven days have pushed me to my physical limits and I have endured mild hypothermia, 35 hour efforts, heat, headwinds and more. But throughout, I have experienced the most amazing sights and scenery of Qatar, been supported by thousands of messages on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instragram. All throughout I have been supported in person by the locals I meet, and touched by all the runners who have travelled out to run and support me. It is a true testament to the community in Qatar.

He finishes ‘I am thrilled to be done and see my family and friends but also can’t wait to tell more and more of the story over coming weeks to inspire others to their own potential and encourage them to go and see what I have seen.’

This affect was seen throughout already by the engagement in the challenge, with over 160,000 people reached on Facebook, immense media attention and even school children and University students engaging. French school children sent Pierre pictures of support and University students at Texas A&M at Qatar have been using the data in statistical analysis.

Pierre’s route was as follows:

  • Day 1: Katara to Dhakira Port
  • Day 2: Dhakira Port to Al Ruwais
  • Day 3: Al Ruwais to Zekreet
  • Day 4: Zekreet to Um Bab
  • Day 5: Um Bab to Salwa
  • Day 6: Salwa to Sealine Resort
  • Day 7: Sealine Resort to Katara

During the 7 days, supporters could follow Pierre via a unique tracking portal developed by Aspire Zone’s IT team, which provided live tracking of Pierre’s progress including distance covered, speed, heart rate and more at https://alone.aspirezone.qa. Interested people can still visit it to see the final statistics on the challenge.

Saeed Mohamed Nazeer, Chief Executive Officer of MBM transport, the presenting partner of this challenge comments ‘What Pierre has accomplished is beyond words, as an individual he has demonstrated such commitment and determination pushing through adversity, at times moving for over 35 hours without making camp. Hopefully this will inspire people as to their own potential and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. He continues “even more than this, Pierre has got a whole community of people in Qatar and globally following the journey with over 160,000 people reached on Facebook alone. A community who has seen a whole new side to the beauty of Qatar through images, videos and the story. A picture postcard of Qatar like no other.

A representative of Katara Cultural Village, commented; ‘The entire team at Katara Cultural Village want to congratulate Pierre on this huge feat, it is a testament to the human spirit and we have been privilege to host the start and finish of a challenge like no other.’

Mr. Nasser Abdullah Al-Hajri, Director of PR and Communications at Aspire Zone Foundation, said: “On  behalf of Aspire Zone Foundation, we’d like to congratulate our colleague Pierre for his commitment to achieving this unprecedented milestone. Aspire Zone Foundation strongly encourages community members of all ages and physical abilities to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Pierre’s initiative embodies our mission, and we’re very proud to support his success. Thanks to Aspire Zone Foundation’s cutting-edge sports technology, Pierre’s movements were monitored by an app that tracks runners’ exact position, speed, heart rate and other vitals. We also use the data obtained from this technology for official record keeping and to update Pierre’s family and friends about his progress.”

Rashid Abid, Gen Manager, Garmin Qatar (Al-Lingawi Trading), adds: ‘Team GARMIN are thrilled to be linked to this inspirational event, and help to share it to all adventure runners across the globe.  We are so excited to see a safe and successful completion of this breath-taking run in support for this wonderful country. On behalf of GARMIN-LINGAWI, we extend our heartfelt wishes to Mr. Pierre to do more challenges and world records in future.’

Hassan Al-Hassan, Managing Director of Xtork comments: ‘XTORK is proud to be part of Pierre’s initiative as it shows his clear determination in challenging both the body and mind. His achievement opens a new chapter in the pursuit of accomplishing great things in someone’s passion to explore the outdoor and we hope that this will trigger the enthusiasm within other local athletes to set new missions and targets in the name of exploration and the great country we live in. XTORK will continue in supporting the community and to live by our Moto “Read, Ride and Explore”.

Pierre has been supported by MBM transport, Katara, Aspire Zone, Garmin, Xtork and Pro-TV. He can be followed live on Alone.Aspirezone.Qa or via his Instragram PierreDaniel_Active or via the challenge hashtag #runaroundqatar or Instagram/twitter and Facebook @RunAroundQatar.

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