Media Support Services
  • Planning for the levels of access within your venue among various stakeholders (host broadcasters, right holders,
    non-right holders, social media)
  • Providing solutions for coverage by non-right holders and social media
  • Planning for locations and access routes for TV compounds, TV areas, and crew facilities
  • Planning the media services according to guidelines stipulated by local and international organisers
  • Organising the areas where members of the media work (tribunes, media centers, press conference rooms, mixed
    zones, interview & studio areas etc.)
  • Planning for their FF&Es and IT needs
  • Establishing access areas for broadcasters, rights holders, non-right holders, photographers, and social media
  • Supervising the fast and efficient spread of official information during the event
  • Locating the positions for photographers, broadcasters, etc.
  • Planning for the media services in collaboration with the organizers’ experts
  • Organising accreditation, accommodation, transportation, catering exclusively for media
  • Coordinating with governmental entities for customs and visa services, facilitating media professionals to enter the
    country along with their equipment
  • Researching the local hospitality, transportation and catering businesses to provide high quality / high value
  • Supervision and monitoring of suppliers and subcontractors’ daily operations
  • Providing stories and narratives that build up expectation for the upcoming event in various formats (video, audio,
  • Creating the strategy for providing specialized content to international and local media – such in cases of sport and
    cultural events
  • Going beyond the corporate coverage of your event by collaborating with the world matter experts – journalists, writers, photographers, among others.
  • Customizing content for websites, social media, press conferences, press releases, including social media posts, tweets, speeches, Facebook & Instagram Live, and webisodes.
  • Organising photo and video services and creating galleries for pictures – static and in motion
  • Coordinating all types of publications related to your event addressed to media, VIPs, the general public
  • Creating strong media relations with local and international media
  • Media monitoring and clippings gathering